Meet the Mitchells Is YouTube’s Top Jamaican Family Show

You may know Wayne Marshall and Tami Chynn for their music but now you can see them on YouTube like you’ve never seen them before in Meet the Mitchells.
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You may know Wayne Marshall as the early dancehall sensation from the early 2000s. You may also know him from making the gospel hit “Glory to God”. You may know Tami Chynn as International music charter or radio host on Edge FM’s early morning talk show. But now you can see them on YouTube like you’ve never seen them before: as themselves, Tami and Wayne Mitchell, in Meet the Mitchells.

This couple, that’s been married for over 15 years, wishes to introduce you to their family.

Check out the main cast of Meet the Mitchells

They provide heartwarming content, from their sons Baby Oz, to the middle child, Atlas and the eldest Jaxon. There is also the usual appearance of Alex, Wayne’s Teenage Brother who lives with them and last but by no means least Momo, Jamaica’s most famous nanny in the eyes of the internet.

The Mitchells also love guest appearances

Along with the regular featured members there is the occasional guest appearance from Tami’s sister Tessanne Chin, Jamaica’s sweetheart who won the singing competition NBCs “The Voice” back in 2014 and had the nation rocking. She usually appears with her husband and her baby daughter.

Along with Tessanne there is also their father, Mr. Richard Chin, who joins with his jokes, wisdom and charisma, and also appearances from Wayne’s mother who is usually sweet and soft spoken but puts a smile on everyone’s faces and there was also three months where Tami’s mother, Nana, came and stole our hearts with her continuous positivity.

So, what is Meet the Mitchells actually about?

The Mitchell’s vlogs are never short of entertainment.

There are the boys who are constantly trying to learn and ask questions which, make no mistake, will be answered in every episode.

There is also Wayne’s continuous pursuit of DIY activity which is where the persona DIWayne is derived from. His aim here is to become the house’s go to handyman.

Something else we look forward to from Wayne is his other character “Chef-It-Wayne” whose main goal at the moment is to master all types of Porridges. From Peanut to Hominy Corn, and his current journey to mastering Banana. Things seem to be going quite well in the culinary department.

You can also look out for Wayne rhyming at random times during any of their daily adventures.

I personally love their story times, where they share experience’s they’ve had such as how Tami and Wayne met, Wayne’s story about being held by customs (which I highly recommend) or maybe you’d want to hear about Tessanne’s journey on The Voice.


The Mitchells have created a close knit family consisting of their actual family and their viewers, who tune in 4 times a week, every week. This bond is so close that the MTMers, as their viewers are affectionately called, are considered as first cousins.

The content is family friendly so you and your kids can definitely enjoy it. With nonstop jokes and entertainment, I highly recommend you check it out.

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