How to Use YouTube to Learn Anything Quickly

The digital age has made learning so much easier and cheaper than in the past, and now you can use YouTube to learn anything.
How to use YouTube to learn something quickly - The Massive Jamaica

The digital age has made learning so much easier and cheaper than in the past, and now you can use YouTube to learn anything.

You don’t have to spend time and money taking courses or reading books or struggling to teach yourself new skills. Google acquired this beautiful thing called YouTube that makes everything easy and free. And YouTube tutorials are usually pretty quick.

You may or may not have noticed, but YouTube University is the new way to learn anything. Millions of students are learning from it everyday. Whether it’s a new recipe, job skills, DIY hacks, dances or even playing an instrument. The possibilities are endless.

I personally have countless degrees from YouTube University. I’ve used it to learn things that help me with work tasks, school and everyday things like cooking, skin care routines and health.

I actually learned how to make a lot of food from YouTube. I was never the one to go into the kitchen to ask questions. So, at my big age I used YouTube to learn the dishes I couldn’t figure out. Now I could go give the people on Iron Chef a proper run for their money. 

YouTube saves us time and I will be forever grateful. 

Let YouTube be an extra teacher or lecturer

Another credit YouTube deserves is for my CXCs and my degree. 

I could only understand some subjects or courses in school if a nice Indian man had a white board in front of him or when he showed me a quick powerpoint. I’m not sure why.

I’d sit in hours of classes and hear the same concept repeated and explained a dozen times, but wouldn’t understand. But give an Indian man five minutes with me and a virtual white board, and I could teach it to you myself. 

YouTube is great when you’re behind on schoolwork and pressed for time. Procrastinators like me live for YouTube crash courses. It’s a really quick fix to all the materials you forgot to read all semester. It’ll help you learn a semester-long course in one night. 

You can find almost any subject area you need on the platform, and the best part is, it won’t even take you a day to go through all the videos you need.

Use YouTube to help get you a job 

When I say YouTube has all the crash courses, I mean it – you name it, they have it.

When I say crash courses, it doesn’t have to be about school. There are videos that can teach you things you need to learn for work. How to use photoshop, features on your PC that you don’t understand or even Microsoft Office refresher courses.

I learned so many skills that can help me tick a number of job description boxes. Among other things, YouTube taught me how to use WordPress, Google Analytics, SemRush, basic Photoshop and even simple HTML coding.

Use YouTube to learn skills that you see often required or helpful in jobs you usually go for. It saves you a lot of time and money, and improves your chances with hiring managers.

The platform is great for music, and mukbangs and tv show spoilers, but it’s a huge learning tool too. Use it to learn that new recipe, get that new job or pass that tough course. It’s quick, convenient and free. So, use that to your advantage.


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