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You really should be using social media as a platform to market your brand and sell it to your employers to be one of their potential hires.

When employers visit your pages they’re looking for qualities that would make you a great member of their team. They’re looking for people who are smart, funny, creative and insightful. 

But why is it important to protect your online brand?

Your online reputation is an extension of your personal brand. 

You should be very mindful of the things you post on your personal pages online as they can also do harm to your professional life. And building a positive online presence, in many ways, secures a successful career and makes room for future opportunities.

Did you know that employers check out your social media presence when you apply for a job?

You may believe that your social media accounts don’t matter and you may be thinking that no one really has the time to check out your social media pages. You also might want to change your thinking.

When it comes to getting a job we do an online search to know more about the organization to which we are applying. What makes you think they won’t take the very same route before agreeing to work with you.

You need to properly monitor your online brand

Do you search your social media pages to see if they are intact before applying for a job? There are a number of reasons why a candidate may not be considered for a job. But never let simple, yet costly, mistakes on social media be one of them.

Look at your social media account as your business and, as the owner, you are solely responsible for marketing and maintaining your business. 

You’re in charge of what you post. You select and target your audience. You create a network. And you engage in conversations.

So, what do employers check for?

Employers often check us out on the different social media platforms – namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – to get a deeper dive into our personality and who they’re potentially bringing into their organization.

Like I said at the start of this article, when employers visit our pages they’re looking for qualities of their ideal candidate. You should use social media to your advantage to position yourself as the person they want to hire, instead of someone they would never want representing their brand.


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