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Here’s why having regular 9-to-5 jobs is still a good thing today

Think carefully about your career moves, and don’t let people push you to drop your jobs to go after another venture till it’s the right time.



Here's why having jobs is still a good thing today (Landscape) - The Massive Jamaica

In this period where many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, it’s quite distasteful for others to belittle those who still maintain their 9-to-5.

Many times you may be watching a video on youtube and then suddenly an ad pops up with a self-professed get-rich-quick guru standing in front of a luxury car screaming at you to quit your 9-to-5 now and follow his method of how to make money with little effort.

You, who may be struggling with your current 9-to-5 upon seeing this ad, start to think about quitting your job immediately with the plan that following this guru’s advice will bring you a vast amount of riches.

Please, don’t be fooled. Not everything that glitters is gold.

The call to quit your 9-to-5 jobs now

This has been a call to action used by several “gurus” and entrepreneurs to cast shame on those working in a job.

Statements like: “I’d rather hustle 24/7 than slave over a 9-to-5” or “9-to-5s are the biggest traps,” make jobs look like the worst thing anyone can do.

The reality is that not everyone will be, or wants to be, an entrepreneur. Many people are shamed into leaving their stable jobs with the misconception that they’re ready and able to take on the mantle of being an entrepreneur. Then they come to realize that the world of self-employment is not as glamorous as some of these “gurus” make it seem.

Truth is, many of these business “gurus” make most of their money from selling you a course on how to make money. Ironic, isn’t it?

There are many persons working in stable jobs who are making really great money. Many who love their 9-to-5. It provides them with a sense of security, they get great benefits (especially if they’re working for the government) such as health insurance and possibly a travel allowance. Not to mention there are many interviews in which real entrepreneurs caution against the practice of quitting your 9-5 without a structured plan.

Don’t let these “gurus” guilt you into jumping into something that makes you too uncomfortable

Most “gurus” push the idea that once you quit your 9-to-5 and start working for yourself you’ll be successful immediately. The reality is that entrepreneurship is not easy. You become responsible for yourself and the growth your business.

Many people face the harsh reality of entrepreneurship when they realize that they’re now responsible for repaying the many loans they may have taken to start their business. It also hits hard when they have to pay employees, pay other business expenses and generate profits to sustain themselves and the business.

Entrepreneurship is a long game

It often takes a while, sometimes years, for entrepreneurs to see steady growth in their businesses. These “business gurus” do entrepreneurs a great disservice when they glamorize starting businesses as get rich quick models.

It’s important when you’re considering jumping into entrepreneurship that you put together a plan detailing key areas such as your niche, what exactly you do and how you’ll finance your business.

The purpose of this article is by no means to discourage people from becoming entrepreneurs, but to caution those in their jobs against falling for the traps of these “gurus”.

It’s also very important for those of you in in your 9-to-5s to create other streams of income, because the reality is your stable job might be “safe,” but it’s not sure. You can lose your job at any time.

Think carefully about the career moves you make. And don’t let anyone push you to leave your job to pursue another venture until you’ve made your assessment and feel it’s the right time.

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The reality of job hunting for today’s university graduates

Final year is done and it’s time to go into the world of work and start job hunting in your respective field of study.



Job hunting for university graduates (Landscape) -The Massive Jamaica

Finally! The last semester of final year is done and it’s time to go into the world of work. You get your resume done and start job hunting in your respective field of study. 

But then your spirit starts to sink as you realize a month passes with no responses. Two months, three months, a year and still no responses. 

You might be wondering what you did wrong? Your resume is great – I mean you probably even got it revamped by a professional. You graduated with honours. So what’s the problem? 

These are all feelings I’m all too familiar with. This is the sad and sometimes depressing reality of job hunting for university graduates today.

Job hunting can get really discouraging

Terri-Karelle, in a video posted on her instagram page, highlighted the struggles of job hunting for young people. 

“Sometimes you do everything right, sometimes you get the grades, sometimes you have the qualifications but there is no job offer. You do the interviews but you still don’t land the job.” 

The entire process can get very discouraging. Sending out multiple resumes, dressing up for interviews only to be declined is exhausting, to say the least. It can also take a toll on your mental health. Thoughts of sadness and failure rushing through your mind are enough to drive you insane.

Sometimes when you look and see that all your friends are getting jobs and you’re the only one in the lot still struggling to find work, it hurts. You end up feeling discouraged, thinking maybe you’re the problem.

Your lack of work experience and age can be barriers to landing jobs

It is no secret that the requirement for years of experience is a major hindrance to graduates fresh out of university. Many companies require that their prospective employees have three or more years of experience in order to qualify for any job. 

The reality is that many graduates leave school without having any work experience. Because they were juggling school and extracurricular activities, most graduates simply didn’t have the time to gain relevant work experience. Some may have done internships but most times this isn’t enough for some employers.

On the other hand some companies flat out reject applicants because of their age. The applicant may meet all the qualifications necessary to land that job but because they’re “too young” they are rejected. 

According to them your youth renders you unable to effectively carry out the required task of the job. Forget about the fact that most times these are entry level jobs which are best done by the very young people that are getting rejected. And what’s funny is that these employers are usually strong “advocates” for youth development.

So, what do you do?

In the same video Terri-Karelle later asked “What do you now do? How have you developed yourself?” 

The reality is that while job hunting is discouraging and depressing you shouldn’t give up. It’s in this seemingly dark and low point in your life that the perfect moments to work on yourself appear. 

Take the time to learn a new skill, language, or enhance talents you already have. There are quite a few platforms that provide all the resources you need to develop yourself – like Linkedin, Skillshare, Udemy, Google and good old Youtube.

You can’t throw your hands in the air and vow to never apply for another job. Not now. Not when you’re so close. Continue to press for jobs, even the ones it looks like you aren’t qualified for. Just keep pushing.

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