Sigma Run 2020: The Real Reasons Why People Are Going

Although their slogan is “Run for the fun. Donate for the cause.” We also know that there are some realer reasons why people show up.
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Sagicor’s Sigma Run has become an annual Jamaican staple.

People of all ages, companies, backgrounds and preference of mobility show out every year to take part in the event.

And even though we know their slogan “Run for the fun. Donate for the cause.” We also know that there are definitely some realer reasons why people show up every year.

Here are a few:

Personal Achievement

Whether it’s to beat their friends’ time, to beat their time from last year or to simply just place a time, people are coming from all over the island, and other countries, to take part in this event and achieve a personal goal of theirs.

Your personal achievement could be to take part in a running event, to check the Sigma Run box on your bucket list, or to keep a running tally of all the events you’re attending in 2020.

Whatever your goal, rest assured that there are others in the same frame of mind.

For The Hype of the Sigma Run

Let’s be real.

Going to Sigma Run is more than just a heartfelt move that people do every year for the good of others.

For some, it’s more of a social gathering; one of the hype events, if you will. They want to see who showed up, who didn’t, if it was worth the hype leading up to it, and they want to plan the rest of their day while cruising the 5k stretch.

To Actually Support The Cause

If you thought I was going to go the entire article just giving alternative reasons why people go to the Sigma Run, hold up just a second.

There are some people (many, actually) who really do go to support the causes that Sagicor has chosen to give to.

This year they have a goal of making JM$52m to support the Savannah-La-Mar Hospital, The Clifton Boy’s Home and The Bustamante Children’s Hospital Special Care Nursery.

As far as ambitions for corporate social responsibility go, that’s pretty amazing, don’t you think?

The Free Food And Samples After The Run

So… We’re just going to scroll down this page and not talk about the various booths setup in Emancipation Park for you to browse after you run your heart out? I think not.

After crossing that finish line there’s no doubt that you’ll be not just tired, but hungry. Instead of walking around the park when the race is finished, why not do like many others and take a detour right through it to see what the various sponsors have to offer for your mobile dining pleasure.

So That They Can Skip Church

Don’t worry, you’re no heathen.

You just need a little break. And what better way to get that break than to run (or walk or wheel) in support of a great cause so you can tire yourself out and (quite literally) not be able to move from your bed when you get home.

Never mind the fact that you could just tell your church folks that you won’t be coming this week. I understand exactly how you feel, my sister.

To Give Their Workout Regimen A Kickstart

Come on guys, it’s February. We should have started exercising and hitting our new years resolutions (link) from January 1. But I’ll give you a pass here.

If you’re choosing to use this event to run for the fun, donate for the cause and kick yourself in the butt so you can get a redo on starting your resolutions, that’s great.

I mean, we all know January was just a trial month, right?

Whatever your reasons for going to the event, Sigma Run is a great meet up for friends, family and colleagues to hang out, workout, and have fun all while supporting a worthy cause.

If you still want to get in on this action, the deadline for registration is January 31, 2020. Head over to their

Please Note: This content is not sponsored by Sagicor Group, or the Sigma Foundation. It is expressly the opinion of the author who wrote it.

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