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5 ways 2020 got us ready for 2021

If we choose to learn the lessons from 2020 we’ll be ready to see new and improved versions of us beyond the cliche “new year, new me”



5 Ways 2020 got us ready for 2021 - The Massive Jamaica

This is probably your 20,293,738th time seeing something about how monumental this year was and just how much there is to learn from the year (or “The Happening”) that was 2020. But, it’s very important to look objectively at what the year did to and for us to be ready for the new year.

That said, if we choose to learn these lessons, 2021 will literally see new and improved versions of us, beyond the cliche “new year, new me” vibe.

Let’s jump in.

If it’s important to you, you’ll use whatever means possible to get it done

I’m sure by now that we are definitely “Zoomed” out and completely over these virtual meetings, parties, weddings and social gatherings.

But, let’s pause on that for a minute.

Before the pandemic, if we couldn’t make it to a meeting, that was the end of it. If we couldn’t pay to take care of 150 guests at our wedding we’d have to go through the stress of reducing the list and stepping on one-too-many toes. If we couldn’t physically make it to a social gathering, we’d just stay out of the loop. So many things hindered us from having live experiences on a whim.

Now, there’s far less room for excuses and it comes down to this bottom-line: How important is that thing to you?

You’ll jump on those calls if they’re important to you, and on the flip-side, you’ll set up the virtual outlet and invite specific people if you truly want persons to share in that activity.

The truth is that virtual experiences have presented tremendous options to allow for more sharing in special or important moments, and they really require us to make decisions about the things, people and moments that are important to us.

You need to get creative and make your own stage – don’t wait for someone else to make it for you

The two industries that suffered the most during 2020 are (arguably) the Entertainment & Tourism Industries.

But, while were able to see so many individuals “wheel and come again,” taking their creative expressions online, others lost momentum completely and ended up staying in the dark to their detriment.

You found many ‘underdogs’ or new talents coming to the fore because, let’s face it, the internet actually ain’t too saturated. So, it’s either you learned to shape up or simply ship out.

That being said, let’s acknowledge that we need to be resilient enough to withstand the adversities that are thrown at us.

You don’t need to wait around and hope that opportunity comes knocking at your door. Instead, know what you’re about, have faith in what you’ve got to offer and put it out there.

Quiet time with yourself is important

Another group that suffered silently in 2020 were the extroverts and the professionals who are always on the go and always around people.

This year introverts and people who have a less-demanding lifestyle were really in their element.

Either way, the hours of forced lock-down allowed people to somehow breathe new air for the first time in a long while. They reconnected with their core, came up with new ideas, jumped back into activities they once loved, spent well-needed time with family and more.

You also had some marriages that thrived and others that sadly came to an end, interestingly because of having the chance to be in the same space for more than a few hours.

The quiet time ended up producing a variety of results but one thing that’s certain is that it ended up providing persons with much needed direction.

The key takeaway here is that we should do our best to deliberately include regular quiet time in our schedules.

Disappointments happen, but they won’t end you

Disappointments ended up being a cornerstone of 2020.

Many activities that were previously scheduled had to either be canceled or moved online. This, understandably, put a damper on people.

It is, however, important to see the wins in all of this.

People were forced to take note of what’s truly important to them, and they found ways to make things work in different formats. And that meant choosing not to be crippled by disappointment.

So, as we move forward, it’s important to feel, yes, but it’s also important to remember that you have options and these disappointments won’t end you.

As we face 2021, let’s ensure that the lessons we learned in 2020 serve a true purpose in helping us to grow healthily and be the best versions of ourselves.

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5 Costly mistakes you’re making on social media when it comes to getting a job



5 Costly mistakes you're making on social media (Landscape) - The Massive Jamaica

When you use social media it’s all about the quality of your posts and the audience you attract. You should use social media in a positive way that makes you look professional and work ready.

Companies use background checks as a reliable way of verifying claims made by applicants when they go for a job. And because we’re living in a world of technology, they use that technology to their advantage when screening prospective hires. 

But here are 5 things that might be messing up your chances of getting the job.

You use social media has a venting outlet

Many people use social media as a venting outlet to release anger and oftentimes say what they think without considering the consequences of their actions. 

You may be having a bad day, may have had a disagreement with someone or may have had a bad experience at a particular location. And then you choose to vent about it on social media out of anger. 

Things like that only leave employers to think one thing. And that is, if they hire you and you get angry you’ll tarnish the company’s image in the same way you’ve already tarnished your own.

You share too much of the wrong information

You should be very mindful of the things you share and the source that your information is coming from. 

Think before you broadcast. 

Ask yourself: is the source of the information I’m sharing credible? And do your research before sharing. This is how fake news gets spread, and you really don’t want to be a part of that.

Poor usage of grammar and spelling

Communication is a core skill that’s needed in any work environment. And If you’re constantly making spelling and grammatical errors on social media it only leaves employers to think that you might not be able to express yourself well through writing or even face to face communication.

Are you posting inappropriate pictures online?

Posting inappropriate pictures on social media can really damage your image. 

You have to be professional with your online brand, and understand that whatever is seen on your pages is what potential employers use to judge you as a candidate. 

Posting sexual content and promoting drugs, alcohol, violence or any illegal activities only shows you up in a negative light. And employers are looking to hire candidates who they believe can positively reflect their organization. 

So, it’s best to clean up your image if you want a shot at that dream job of yours.

When was the last time you updated your account?

An account that’s out of date tends not to be a good look. It may be time to update your account and be more consistent with your posting regime.

Social media is a useful tool to show off your skills and personality, share your hobbies, friendships, and achievements. And employers want to see how well you network and build engagement to create your personal brand before they start to trust you with theirs.

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