How to find closure for past hurts

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We could define closure as an act of putting an end to something, especially in relationships, institutions or anything that would have caused us to feel unwanted, unloved or hurt.  Really, anything that gives us the desire to terminate something significant in our lives.

Getting closure on an issue can be hard

Letting go of something that was once important to you can be difficult. And that’s where closure comes in.

When people need to get closure on an issue it’s usually because the getting rid of that event or thing in their lives is significant to them, and it holds special value and meaning to them.

But why do you need to move on from some things in your life?

It’s important to remember that finding closure means that we get healing from those things that hurt us in the past.  

Once healed from a situation that caused you pain, guilt or shame, you’ll come to realize that even though it was difficult, it was necessary. It was necessary for your growth, for your upliftment and for you to be stronger.

So, how do you get closure?

There are many ways to find closure and the following are some of the steps you can use:

Rise above the pain and take full responsibility for yourself. Ultimately, it’s up to you to take the actions to move you forward.

Cry if you need to and grieve the loss of that thing you used to hold close. Take as much time as you need. It’s never easy trying to get over something or someone you really loved. This is usually the hardest part for many people in finding closure.

Pick yourself up. At this point you need to pick up the pieces and move forward, knowing you’ve become stronger than before.

Make plans for yourself. Make plans for what you want for yourself in the future and how you’ll eventually get it.

Create a personal system for finding closure. Create a plan you’ll use whenever you need closure again.

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