3 Tips On Blocking Your Time So You Can Get More Work Done

Now, with online school and remote working, our usual time structure has been ripped away from us. Here’s how to be more time-efficient.
3 Tips On Blocking Your Time So You Can Get More Work Done - The Massive Jamaica

*Ting a ling!* The school bell is ringing! It’s time to head to class! I actually miss those days. I would just lounge under the trees in my chill spot with my friends for what felt like hours, with no cares or concern. Why? You had the bell to help with blocking your time and tell me when my next class was! I never had to worry about it. 

With online school and remote work, that has been ripped away from us. Here’s how to be more time-efficient.

Create a schedule

There’s a reason we had to abide by the schedules they gave us in physical school. It gave our minds and tasks structure, and ensured we never had to worry about what was next. We could just pull the schedule out, and see what class to head to, or remind ourselves when lunch time was.

Now that classes are online, and often recorded, it can be tempting to lay in bed all day and just ‘watch the recordings later’. Don’t be fooled! It’s a trap. Take it from me, who never checks recordings. If I’m not in a live class, it’s game over. 

Make a schedule! You can use Timetable Maker, or other similar apps online. They’re all free, and all have options for color coding, and even adding it to your Google Calendar to be even more efficient. You can check it out here. 

Take all your tasks and responsibilities into account when blocking your time

“What do I put in my schedule?” I’m glad you asked. I was about to tell you anyway. 

You need to be deliberate about what you add into your schedule. If you’re a student, then you already know that your classes are your first priority. At work, your work day then becomes your first priority. And if you do both those things, it becomes trickier, but still doable. 

Now that you’ve got your classes scheduled in, and your work day, what about clubs or extra activities? Are you involved in any committees or clubs at school? Now is the time to schedule those weekly meetings. If your work environment requires meetings or training sessions, now’s the time to add those as well.

What about your personal projects and creative time? You should schedule those in as well. Sessions for personal projects are more flexible in terms of scheduling. And they don’t have to be done in a set time like a class, or work. Those blank spaces between classes or meetings are perfect for your personal time. Schedule time for journaling, or just watching cartoons. 

If you’re an adult who doesn’t watch cartoons you’re missing out… I said what I said.

Now that free time and personal projects are in, it’s time to schedule sleep. Do a check to be sure that you’re getting at least six hours of sleep every night, and that you have no tasks or things to do scheduled in that time. 

Things can come up that need attention, that may interfere with your sleep occasionally, and that’s fine. But don’t let it be that you’re the one who scheduled it as an interference with your sleep.

Actually consult your schedule and stick to the times and tasks that you set

Congrats! You’ve made your beautiful schedule with all the colorful blocks. Now be sure to consult it daily. 

Just as you would in physical school, always check to confirm what you should be doing at any given time. Don’t rely on your memory so much that you think you can do without your schedule. Take it from me, your life will descend into chaos very quickly, and you’ll feel frazzled and burnt out. 

Now, Go and be efficient. 


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