3 Steps To Building A Successful Career

Safe to say that all of us have very specific visions for ourselves when it comes to building a successful career.
3 Things to consider on your journey to personal success - The Massive Jamaica

Safe to say that all of us have very specific visions for ourselves when it comes to building a successful career.

Everyone has their ow path to walk as they pursue their dreams. But there are 3 major things that end up being common factors as we all push forward.

To build a successful career you need clarity

Make sure you’re clear on why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for.

There are so many people who went to university, spent 3 or more years and came out realizing that they did it all for their parents. So, a vast number of them end up not even finding jobs in the field they studied in.

Along with that comes an interesting pressure. Many end up losing their way for some time because they realize they’ve been living to please others. That’s a dangerous road.

You have to really sit with yourself and identify why exactly you’re pursuing your current path and who you’re doing it for. Make sure that your why has to do with self-fulfillment and your own self-awareness, passion and purpose so that you end up being truly grounded. After that, you’re your biggest driving force. Give yourself validation first, and then pleasing others and making a true impact will flow from that.

You’ll need to get uncomfortable to grow

Embrace the fact that to build a successful career, growth must take place. And for that to happen, you have to get uncomfortable.

There are so many of us who have gotten caught up in the idea of an ‘overnight success’. Or even snapping our fingers and making big things happen all because of our place in society or our connections.

The truth is, the journey to true success ends up affecting you as a whole individual. You need to grow and mature to be able to handle the aspects of your life that need to be taken care of.

So, you can have all the connections in the world. You can even try to get by on your positioning for a while. But if you don’t learn the lessons you need to you’ll end up mismanaging the very things you thought were landing you where you dreamed.

Don’t allow that to happen. Get uncomfortable. Learn the lessons you need to learn, then grow.

Being consistent definitely gets you closer to that successful career you want

Now, let’s get this clear. You’re not the first person who’s had a big dream, brilliant idea or a desire to make an impact. In fact, many of us are revolutionaries in our own right. But what truly helps to separate the ideas that transform into generational wealth and the refreshing innovations that the world craves is consistency.

Learn to stick with what you’re doing even when you’ve heard “no”, when there’s no support or nobody is supposedly watching. What that allows you to do work out the kinks, get your practice, build your confidence and keep innovating and improving until the right time comes around.

And no, you can’t predict the right time, you can only prepare yourself for it.

All the best as you journey towards your own, personalized success!


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