3 Big Opportunities For Local Creative Professionals

Great things are happening for creative professionals but they’re often pushed aside to focus on the negative things on the island.
3 Solid Opportunities For Local Creative Professionals - The Massive Jamaica

Jamaica is the land of wood and water, but it’s also home to some amazing creative professionals. We know how ‘fi tun wi han mek fashion.’ And in today’s world there’s now a market for that. 

So, why aren’t there more investments in creative professionals? Let’s look at 3 organizations that are investing in creative initiatives. If you’re a creative professional there may be something here for you.

Kingston Creative gives creative professionals a rebate for registering their business

First on our list is Kingston Creative. 

Kingston Creative is a non-profit organization founded in 2017.  After realizing the wealth of creativity found in Kingston, Andrea Dempster-Chung, Allan Daisley and Jennifer Bailey formed an organization to help Caribbean creatives get access to global markets.

Kingston Creative works with public and private sector organizations to transform Downtown, Kingston. 

Kingston Creative has been encouraging creative entrepreneurs to register their businesses and intellectual property through their Business and IP Registration Drive because they recognize the importance of diversified income for the Jamaican economy during the pandemic. And registration between June 22 , 2021and October 29 , 2021 means a rebate of up to $25,000.

The NCB Foundation launched the “Level Up” grant

Next, let’s take a look at the partnership between the NCB Foundation, Internet Income Jamaica and iCreate Institute. 

NCB has a long history of investing in the Jamaican people. When the 2019 pandemic hit and people began to lose their jobs, in addition to making credit cards interest free for a period NCB partnered with iCreate and Internet Income Jamaica to make the “Level Up” grant available to many Jamaicans.

The grant lets individuals take courses in digital advertising, social media marketing and graphic design through iCreate and Internet Income Jamaica. 

The Jamaica Observer notes that this grant has enabled professionals to earn more than US$85,000 since it started in 2019. And after this success NCB reopened applications again in 2021.

The SMC Group offers an apprenticeship programme to students

People who pursue their dreams in the creative arts are often ridiculed because of the seemingly limited job opportunities. Now is their time to shine. 

The SMC Group partnered with the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts to give students an apprenticeship programme. This programme intends to prepare young creatives to use their talents and services globally.

These initiatives make it clear that this issue of no investment in Jamaican creative professionals is non-existent. These are beautiful things in our country that are being highlighted. And they’re too often pushed aside to focus on the negative things in our lovely island.


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