Why 2020 was a year of sifting for 2021

2020 was a year where anything that could shake did. And if you survived that, then you should be walking into 2021 stronger!
Why 2020 was a year of sifting for 2021 (Landscape) - The Massive Jamaica

Listen Linda, if you survived 2020 you should be walking into 2021 stronger!

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It was a year where anything that could shake did. So, now we’re standing in the rubble.

“What fell away?” you may ask 

Lukewarmness, faithlessness, fear, facades, along with all the trappings that come with trying to save face. 

2020 humbled us, revealed life’s truths to us, showed us who was really for us, and most importantly it showed us that we are in control of absolutely nothing. 

We learned that we were vulnerable and needed something bigger than ourselves to pull through.

Life as we knew it was over

Life as we knew it stopped and living life in quarantine forced us to deal with the things we were running from – the things we were using parties to tolerate, and the things that were just plain not going to make it with us. 

Stripped bare, we now had to meaningfully and diligently rebuild a more powerful and authentic expression of ourselves. Everything we thought mattered suddenly didn’t and we had to go back to the grassroots of faith, family, love, and unity.

How will we move forward in 2021?

So here we are on the cusp of 2021 with renewed hope and drive – determined, in the wake of 2020 – to set goals, dream big, and make plans. 

We realize now that the shake was necessary; old things needed to fall away – behold all things are now made new. With mustard seed faith, we seek to press on and venture into 2021 determined to slay the giants of lack, unemployment, singleness, low self esteem, self rejection, hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment. We’ve decided that 2020 made us better and we are determined to rise from it’s ashes in 2021 like the phoenixes that we are. 

Happy New Year resilient ones, welcome to 2021!

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